Connie FitzPatrick is a native of Port Orchard and graduate of South Kitsap High School. After graduating, Connie followed her grandfather and father into Navy service. She saw active duty aboard a sub tender in Europe and Charleston, SC., and continued her service as a reservist in Pearl Harbor. After serving in the Navy, Connie returned to Washington State and started a family. She and her husband Mike moved to Gig Harbor—close to where Connie grew up—so their son could have the same quality of life she had growing up with excellent schools, beautiful neighborhoods, and a strong sense of community. Connie is now a small business owner and PTA mom.

Connie was inspired to run for office when she saw her State Representative, one of the most conservative members of the State House, consistently vote against school funding, against transportation improvements, and even against assistance for veterans and those struggling with mental illness and addiction. Her decision was reaffirmed when newspapers reported a pattern of verbal abuse against female employees in his office so serious that his state legislative staff assistant was removed and his district office ordered shut.

Connie’s top priorities include standing up for students, veterans and families, reducing transportation costs, and restoring the moral and ethical balance in Olympia by putting the needs of families over partisan political gain.

Connie is knocking on doors throughout the district listening to neighbors, and sharing her ideas on how to find common ground, and implement commonsense solutions to address the region’s most pressing issues.